We are interesting in QCD, EW and Exotica (QEE) studies.

One of the main tasks is to be certify a high quality jet reconstruction at LHCb (LHCb TWIKI).

LHCb Public Notes

Measurement of the forward-central b\bar{b} production asymmetry (LHCb-CONF-2013-001)

Measurement of jet production in Z^0/\gamma*\rightarrow \mu^+\mu^- events at LHCb in \sqrt{s}=7 TeV pp collisions (LHCb-CONF-2012-016)

LHCb Internal Notes (restricted access)

Jet energy studies for RunI simulation (CERN-LHCb-INT-2013-036)

Energy-Momentum ratio of charged particles at LHCb (CERN-LHCb-INT-2013-034)

Jets reconstruction and performances at LHCb (CERN-LHCb-INT-2012-015)

Conference Talks / Posters

Measurement of the forward-central bbˉ production asymmetry (slides) – FPCP 2013 – V. Salustino

LHCb Jet Reconstruction (slides) -SILAFAE 2012 – O. Augusto

QCD and EW measurements at LHCb (slides) – Low-X 2012 – M. Rangel