General information


LHCb style for plots


Inside the package Styles you will find the files that you need. To obtain the last version follow the instruction below.

ssh lxplus.cern.ch
getpack Tools/Styles


Command to search for a object inside the LHCb software


As an example, to search for where is defined of is used the word ProtoParticle inside DaVinci you use the command:

Lbglimpse LHCb::ProtoParticle DaVinci v28r5


Command to convert a DOS file to UNIX format


dos2unix arquivo.txt

“dos2unix” and “unix2dos” are missing in version Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid). First of all, install dos2unix package:

aptitude install tofrodos

Then if you want “dos2unix” type “fromdos” and if you want “unix2dos”, type “todos”. If you have a habit of typing in the old commands, its best to create links. Go to /usr/bin:

cd /usr/bin
ln -s fromdos dos2unix
ln -s todos unix2dos

Another alternative is create alias inside the ~/.bashrc file.